Advanced photo Etching Tips & Tricks
Every Design Engineer Should Know

booklet_img_v2Advanced Photo Etching Tips and Tricks Every Design Engineer Should Know 

Learn techniques designers should know to get the most from photo chemical etching

Every metalworking process requires designers to know certain tips and tricks to maximize the efficiency of that operation. Photo chemical etching is no exception.

In this ebook, we’ll give you the tools to optimize your photo etching designs so you can become a photo chemical machining specialist.

Topics include:

  • Cost considerations
  • Production time advantages
  • Material options

For more advanced readers, we also discuss numerous dimensions and tolerances that should be considered when designing for the photo chemical etching process.

Some advanced topics covered in the eBook include

  • The relationship of line width to metal thickness
  • Corner radii and their relationship to metal thickness
  • Bevels and their relationship to metal thickness
  • Hole configurations and their design considerations
  • Designing for tie-ins or tabs

Make sure your designs make the most of the
photo chemical machining process.

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